"The new forces consolidating Latin America's success"

The 8th edition of the Latin America Business Forum was a big success. We had two panels (entrepreneurship and M&A) plus four keynote speakers, from leading Latin American coporations such as: Compañía de Minas Buenaventura, Consultatio, Itau BBA, Credicorp Capital and Grupo Compartamos. Attendees included working professionals, students, ambassadors and press representatives from CNN, EIU, Latin News and others.



"Challenges and opportunities for sustainable growth"

Over 200 people attenden the Latin America Business Forum in 2012. In addition to the LBS community, attendees to last year's forum included ambassadors from Latin American countries, international and local media representatives, entrepeneurs, and global business leaders from: Itaú, LAN, Arcos Dorados, BCP, General Electric and Actis.


“A newfound stability: the Latin American approach"

The Forum attracted a record number of delegates, and sold out attendance, offering 350 people the opportunity to network around the discussion of “A Newfound Stability: the Latin America Approach”. Attendees were very impressed with the calibre and the variety of questions posed during the discussions, as well as the open and frank statements made by the speakers. Everyone, speakers, ateendees and organizers, left the forum more educated and more optimistic about the future prospects of Latin American growth and business opportunities.


“Defying the obstacles to become a new economic power"

The 5th Latin America Business Forum was a great success. Speakers led discussions on up-to-date topics pertaining to various sectors in Latin America such as banking, entrepreneurship, internationalisation, strategy execution and private equity. Among the speakers were: Emilson Alonso, CEO of Latin America and the Caribbean for HSBC; Damian Scokin, CEO of LAN International; Manuel Santos Uribelarrea, CEO of MSU; Fernando Borges, Managing Director and Head of South America Buyout at Carlyle Group; Paulo Fernandes, Director for McKinsey & Company, Sao Paulo Office; and Alfonso Prat-Gay, former President of the Central Bank of Argentina.


“Continued growth in turbulent times”

London Business School hosted the 4th annual Latin America Business Forum on Saturday 30 May 2009. The theme, ‘Latin America: Continued Growth in Turbulent Times’, explored how the global economic turmoil is testing Latin America’s new-found resilience, and examined how the region can leverage on its fundamentals to extend its recent strong growth.


“Going through a fundamental change”

The theme, ‘Latin America: Going through a fundamental change’, examined the region’s rapid growth and the essential changes necessary to sustain its competitive edge and strengthen its position in the international business community.


“Latin America: advancing in the global context”


“Latin America at the crossroads: the path forward?"