Alberto de Cardenas, Founder & CEO, Peru Champs

Alberto de Cárdenas is the CEO and founder of Perú Champs, an NGO that focuses on cultivating talent in children in Peru. After working for more than 9 years at Opera Solutions, a NY-based management and analytical consulting firm, he joined Nexus Group in Lima, where he worked with Innova Schools (K-12 school network: 41 schools, 32,000 students, focused on providing affordable, world-class education to the Peruvian emerging middle class). There, he co-launched Peru Champs to connect talented, underprivileged children with domestically- and globally-funded scholarships.

He previous worked in the Corporate Division of Interbank. Cárdenas has an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.


Marilu Martens, Former Minister of Education, Peru



Martin Diaz Plata, Managing Partner, Capital Group Private Markets

Martín Díaz Plata is a Managing Partner of Capital Group Private Markets with primary responsibility in Latin America.  He is a member of the Investment Committee and the Private Markets Management Committee. Mr. Díaz Plata serves on the board of directors of El Tejar Limited, Eaton Towers Africa Holdings UK Limited, Vetra Holding Sàrl, Tanner Servicios Financieros, Latin American Venture Capital Association, and the British Colombian Chamber of Commerce.


Rogelio Frigerio, Minister of Interior Affairs, Public Works & Housing, Argentina

Minister Frigerio is an Argentine economist and politician. He served as President of the Bank of the City of Buenos Aires from 2013-2015. His long career of service in the public sector includes serving as the elected Legislator of the city of Buenos Aires, and chairing the Budget, Finance, Tax Administration and Taxation Commission of the Legislature. In December 2015, he was appointed Minister of Interior Affairs, Public Works and Housing by President Mauricio Macri.


Roque Benavides, Former Chairman & CEO, Minas Buenaventura


Ambassador Susana de la Puente-Wiese, Ambassador of Peru to the United Kingdom

Ambassador de la Puente-Wiese serves as Ambassador of Peru to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. She is also the Permanent Representative of Peru to the International Maritime Organization and to the International Coffee Organization. She is an expert in Latin American finance, having worked for 25 years in investment banking at JP Morgan, where she served as Vice Chairman for Latin America until 2007, and Hypatia Capital Group, where she was Senior Advisor. During her extensive career on Wall Street, she played a leading role in the financial transformation of Latin America, actively participating in the opening of capital markets for Latin American corporations and governments.