Mercado Libre

Head of Marketplace

Ms. Farjallat started her at Procter & Gamble. After 4.5 years at P&Gs, she joined McKinsey & Company as an experienced business analyst. After 2 years in the firm and an MBA at Harvard Business School, she returned to McKinsey. After 5 years at McKinsey, where she was promoted to Engagement Manager, she jumped into the IPO boom as an Investor and Business Unit Director at Hypermarcas. After a successful IPO, she decided to start her own company, Tiena Cosmeticos, a Home Fragrance and Cosmetics company, present in more than 80 points of sale all over Brazil. In March 2017, after 7 years with Tiena, she assumed as Mercado Libre’s Head of Marketplace - leading the biggest Marketplace in Latin America to grow sales +50% YoY.